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TOPIC: Forum Rules - Please Read

Forum Rules - Please Read 9 years 8 months ago #131

  1. No Flaming. Including vendors. State fact and have proof to back it up.
  2. Don't use vulgarity. The forum is PG rated and we want to keep it family friendly.
  3. Private conversations (PM's) should not be posted to public areas unless the need is expressed to the Administrators/Moderators first or both parties agree first.
  4. Don't post private info of others unless you have permission to do so.
Forum Etiquette:
  1. Choose the appropriate forum section for your post or question. There are several forum categories to help determine where to post. Pick one that you feel is right. If it is not, then it will be moved by Moderators
  2. Any username that is deemed offensive will be instantly deleted without notice.
  3. Do not post the same question in multiple forum categories. Duplicate postings will be removed If you don't get a reply right away, please be patient. Bumping or rephrasing your question in the same post is permissible.
  4. SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST! Questions often come up repeatedly. Please search the archives before you post your question.
  5. Off Topic discussions should be posted in the Off Topic section. Please keep them car related. Certain exceptions like baby announcements, weddings, ect will be tolerated.
Other useful things to note:
  • The use of sarcasm has proven time and time again to be either potentially humorous or the fuel for an argument. The nature of sarcasm does not lend itself well to the written word at times and should be used with caution. You are playing with fire, don't expect to be fully protected by the rules of capri-list since it is impossible to know your intent when using sarcasm or how others will react.
  • If you are ORGANIZING AN EVENT, please announce your plans in the appropriate forum.
  • USE YOUR NAME. People are much more inclined to enter a discussion with if you use your real name rather than just a cryptic e-mail address or "handle".
  • Posts should include a descriptive, pertinent SUBJECT title. Please make sure to select the correct category for your post.
  • PLEASE, do your part to assure the content of the capri-list forum provides a valuable resource for fellow owners and that all posts will be a useful addition to the archives. Failure to observe these guidelines will result in advisory messages to the individual involved and removal from the forum for repeat offenses.
Now for all the legal stuff:

COPYRIGHT and REDISTRIBUTION: All material posted to Capri-List forum Is copyrighted by the original author. Copying and archiving for your personal use is permitted and encouraged. Any redistribution, posting to public forums, publication or other use is not permitted without the expressed consent of the author. In addition, posting of private messages to the list without the author's permission is forbidden.

ADVERTISING and COMMERCIAL INTERESTS: Private party ads from individual owners are welcomed for such items as parts, supplies, tools, books, etc. Product reviews and evaluation reports from Capri owners are encouraged and references to commercial sources are welcomed. Commercial suppliers are encouraged to inform subscribers of sales, developing projects, new products and answer on list price requests. While the intention of the forum is to promote Capris and support suppliers we ask that you do not turn your presence on this list into a nuisance by abusing the privilege. If you have any questions please e-mail admin. No rules will apply to restrict suppliers from advertising their wares until such time where it becomes necessary to do so. Any warnings or discipline will be made on a case by case basis by the moderators.

  • In sending a file or photo to capri-list you give the unwritten permission to Capri-List to use the information or photos as we wish. Please be sure the information is not copyrighted before submitting. All copyrighted material will be removed as quickly as possible at first complaint.
  • The opinions and ideas expressed do not represent those of capri-list, it's Moderators, the Ford Motor Company or any other organization or individual. Suggestions on modifications to these vehicles, or the use of any non-factory approved methods, parts or supplies are offered solely by the person providing the information and NOT by Capri List. Any use of these suggestions or recommendations is at the sole risk of the sender and the user. Capri List cannot be held responsible for the safety or appropriateness of any modification or method, part or supply, and the liability for using any such information in any Capri List post is 100% the responsibility of the sender and the user. Messages posted to capri-list forum represent the personal opinions of their authors, and are provided for the private use of capri-list subscribers. Post authors are solely responsible for their content.
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