Another item from the Capri-List archives:

For those of us who are really really picky and want something that fits properly, go to your local Ford dealer and for about $2 (depending on how much the local dealer marks it up...) ask the friendly(?) counter person for the hood rod grommet for a 2003 Focus.

This is an EXACT fit, both in the rod support hole and the rod itself for the Mk 1 Capri.

Since I only have Mk 1's, I cannot say if it will fit the Mk 2 model, but for two bux-what can it hurt?


An alternate solution:

Motormite makes a huge line of automotive miscellaneous items. They are carried by most auto parts stores and are generally labeled as "HELP!" items in red packages. Well, they have a pack of three wiper motor mount bushings, part number 49450, which are ideal for replacing that grommet. Just remove the metal insert in one of the bushings and and insert it into the bent up metal bracket on the cross member. Then insert the rod into the small hole in the bushing. I think it looks and works best if the slightly shorter and more rounded end faces forward. It works like a charm. I think it is far better than the original grommet which Ford supplied. You get three grommets for about $3. You'll have two spares, but I doubt you'll ever need them.